Run Like an Animal, Duluth Minnesota Zoo | Event Photography

This post might be a little ridiculous but I just love it! The fam I recently made a trip up to Duluth so that Ari could run in the annual 5K fundraiser “Run Like an Animal” for the Duluth Zoo… in a bear suit! It’s quite common for runners to don an animal themed costume for this race, but none of them quite measured up to the full out bear mascot costume that Ari wore. He wore it to promote the Tortoise and Hare running store in Duluth and the brand of running shoes that he reps for, Karhu, which is the Finnish word for “bear” so naturally their mascot is a bear. It was also just downright hilarious. I could not stop smiling the entire time he had that bear costume on, and our two year old would shout every time we saw him run by “Look there’s Daddy! He looks like a bear!” All in all, it was a great fundraiser for the Duluth Zoo and everyone got a kick out of the Karhu bear that is my husband! Here are some shots from the day! 01-run-like-an-animal-karhu-bear-rep-life-duluth-minnesota-zoo-melanie-mahonen=photography

Even bears have to stretch before a race!


And since we were actually at a race, here is a shot of the winner coming into the Finish line.


A shot of the lovely shoes that Ari reps for.



Interesting People Photography | The Baron of Bubble

I ran into this guy at the St. Anthony Park Art Festival in St. Paul, Minnesota and I just thought he was amazing. The kids sure got a kick out of him, if Hani’s birthday was in the summertime I would book him in a heartbeat! I snapped a few fun shots of him, and his bubble, so I thought I’d share them with you. Hi giant bubbles surely are a work of art! 01-at-anthony-park-arts-festival-saint-paul-minnesota-the-baron-of-bubble-melanie-mahonen-photography