Family Heirlooms

One of my favorite things about being a wedding a portrait photographer is that I get to capture memories for a lot of cool people. My ideal goal for these images is for them to be passed down and cherished for generations, there are some pretty important people in them after all. They become family heirlooms. 

I was thinking about this idea of family heirlooms as I was separating out the iris plants in my garden tonight. The cool thing about plants like irises is that they multiply (sometimes a little too much). The iris plants that I have in my garden have been separated out and given to me from my mom's garden. The irises in her garden were separated and given to her from my grandma's garden. I also have some hostas that have the same story. Given what a gardening fanatic my grandma was, I love the idea that our gardens are connected. 


Anyways, I was feeling sentimental tonight so I thought I'd share. What are some of your unique family heirlooms?