My Mini art Director | Twin Cities Photography

After helping me take these images of his beautiful Easter eggs that he dyed over the weekend: 01-easter-eggs-melanie-mahonene-photography


My funny little 3 year-old stopped and took a look around. I could see the light bulb go off in his head before he said

“Alright, now. Let’s set up another photo. So. I need the reflector. The silver one.”

He then retrieved his reflector of choice climbed up on his stepping stool and carefully pointed the reflector at the tulips on the dinning room table and said

“Now. Mommy. I’m putting a little bit of light on the tulips.”

He maneuvered the reflector just a little bit so that the light hit just right and said

“Now. That’s good, go ahead and take the picture mom.”


This is the photo we took together, am I training an assistant or is he my art director?