5 Frequently Asked Questions From our Wedding Clients

Q: Do we really get both of you to cover our wedding day?

A: YES! Ari and I have been shooting weddings together since 2012 and we wouldn't have it any other way! We think of ourselves as equals on a team then Photographer and 2nd shooter. 

Q: What is your photographic style?

A: We blend a variety of styles together to tell the story of your wedding day through your images. We take the traditional photos of your family, a photojournalistic approach is taken while documenting you getting ready with your wedding party and your guests enjoying the day, and more of a lifestyle approach is taken when photographing portraits of the Bride and Groom.

Q: How much direction do you give?

A: That varies during different parts of the day. During the family formals, we give a a lot of direction to get them done quickly. While you are getting ready, or other moments where you're just enjoying your friends and family, we let them unfold naturally and just capture what is happening. During the Bride and Groom portraits, we give light directions to you while letting you enjoy each other and making sure we've got your best angle!

Q: What is your favorite part of a wedding day?

A: I love the Bride and Groom portraits. The way we work this part of the day, it's more like a break for the Bride and Groom than a portrait session. You get to get away from all the noise and really relax with each other. I like to set my couples up in the right, spot, with the right light, and then just let them enjoy and react to each other! 

Q: How can I make my photos better?

A: Going along with the last question, the best thing to do on your wedding day is to enjoy each other and enjoy your day! Your happiness will make you shine and that will show in your wedding photos!